"Keeping Company" - Table Talk with Your Desk Mate
Design Solution & Instructional Design
Keeping Company is an activity designed to break down barriers between coworkers. It aims to encourage peers to get to know each other on a personal level, encourage communication between co-workers and for people to have a basic understanding of the day-to-day happenings within their own department and across the company. 
The primary focus of this project is first deciding how to implement our solution and then deciding how to evaluate the effectiveness on our target audience. For our prototype, we’ve developed a series of double-sided trading cards. Some are personal-related questions and others are work-related with some directly addressing Shareworks. The intent behind these cards are to create conversation on both a work and personal level.
Keeping Company is mash up of a table-top card game and "speed dating". This way, there are questions to guide conversation topics as well as having the ability to meet and talk with multiple people within one session. ​​​​By blending the different departments, new hires can feel more comfortable approaching others with questions or if they are in need of help.
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